About Us

The Dance on Fire Experience

Dance has been used throughout Judeo-Christian history as a form of celebration and worship.

But for those of you who are Christian, there are probably some elements of your typical modern dance school that you might not be comfortable with. Perhaps it is the revealing costumes. Maybe the vulgar or highly-sexualised music. You might love dance, but find it hard to reconcile this with a dance culture that clashes with your values. If this is you, then you have come to the right place!

Dance on Fire is a new dance school that commenced this year, 2023, with a vision to teach students the skills to help them create art with their bodies through dance, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Dance on Fire uses clean and child-friendly music that inspires faith and goodness. The uniform and costumes are modest and ensure that the dignity of the human person is respected. 

Dance on Fire classes harness techniques from both ballet and jazz to form a solid basis for other styles of dance that will also be used in class (e.g., contemporary, hip-hop/funk). Once there are dances to share, there will be small and large opportunities for Dance on Fire students to present in front of the wider community. The aim is to tell a story using dance that will move and inspire both the audience and the dancers themselves. 

If this resonates with you, then perhaps God is calling you to embrace the flame! 


Isabelle Lawless grew up dancing - ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop/funk and many other styles. She danced for 15 years and trained for Advanced level examinations, as well as completing Dance units 3/4 as a subject for VCE. She then began her teacher certification in the Cecchetti method, before family life took centre stage. Isabelle has 6 precious children, 3 boys and 3 girls who all love to dance. As a child, she created many concerts at home using her brothers as (unwilling) students. A previous Zumba instructor, she then ran her own ballet classes for pre-school and primary school-aged children (called Free to Dance) for a short time in 2018 before taking extended maternity leave.

Dance on Fire began 2023 with  and was alive with Joy!

The founder of Dance on Fire, Isabelle cannot wait to watch the flame grow brighter! Bring on 2024, Come Holy Spirit!


Meet our wonderful business manager, Felicity Chan! She is a passionate mother of 3 children (1 boy and 2 girls). She worked in the scientific field for over 10 years before deciding to take some time off from the corporate scene to focus on her young family. In her spare time, Felicity loves DIY and will often spend time learning how to make different forms of crafts from candles to terrariums. She also enjoys cooking, experimenting with recipes and is known to travel far and wide in search of her favourite foods. 

Felicity is clever, efficient, kind and extremely helpful! She will be your contact person for any questions, organisational needs and financials.