Ask us a question and we'll give you an answer...

The uniform is too expensive

There were many hours put in to discerning the uniform. If we could do a bespoke uniform at a next to nothing cost that would be amazing! But here is the best shot we have found at something that is flexible enough to all aspects considered and ticks the modesty box which is a big part of our school.

If the cost is difficult to cover, we are happy for people to purchase uniform items one at a time, ensuring all the pieces of the uniform are included using items from home - for example, your own pair of bike shorts, skirt, t-shirt etc.

And just a reassurance that we care about keeping our cost to you at a minimum - dance is an expensive sport and so to support families we are covering all the costs of performances.

I'm concerned about the religious aspect...

We unashamedly stand as a Christian dance school. Dance on Fire was born as a calling of the Holy Spirit. If this does not align with your values then maybe Dance on Fire is not the school for you, and we encourage you to search your local area for another dance school that suits you or your child.

Will it be the typical dance school with body image issues and lots of make up?

At Dance on Fire the focus is dancing for God, ourselves and others!

People of all body types and abilities are welcome! Uniforms and costumes have had a lot of time and thought put into them and align with the ethos of the school.

We successfully held our concert in 2023 with no make-up and the performance and photos did not suffer in the least.

We are happy to work through concerns with anyone where needed.

Can boys do classes?


Boys are welcome to do the classes appropriate to their age  :)

Can we sign up for more than one class?

Yes! If you are able to do a second class you are most welcome to dance more than once a week with us. As we are new and small we have limited options for now, but yes, you are most welcome.

Will there be a performance?

Yes! Our concert dates are booked for 20th & 21st September 2024.

Why the need for uniforms?

Eeek! Sorry, we know uniforms mean money but they also mean a few other important things.

As such, we have endeavoured to choose something that is modest but also practical for dance, as well as being readily accessible and available. Energetiks sell items at a mid level price and the uniform should cost roughly $150 for juniors and $195 for seniors.

There is also the possibility for some of that cost to support Dance on Fire if you purchase directly from the school.

There will also be a second-hand uniform shop once we become an established school, should you wish to sell your used items.

What are the fees?

Excellent question!

All classes are 1 hour and are $16.50 a class - except the Toddler class which runs for 45 minutes and is $12 a class (with siblings as $5).

Bonus! A portion of this cost will cover the costumes you or your child will wear for any "performances" (not including the uniform, like tights or shoes that you/your child will keep).

What's the big deal about music?

When we talk about life and influence, music can be a big one... we believe that music - another form of art in its own right - always has a message to convey, except maybe when your toddler is banging the pots and pans in your kitchen... but even then, there's an intent.

So if we're creating art through dance and we're using music in that process, that music's meaning is going to influence our art.

Now we're not saying that we're only going to use Joy to the World or the classical music Grandma listens to at 2pm in the afternoon, but we are going to be intentional and match the meaning of the music to the art we hope to create. Whether that's through the emotion of music or the lyrics it will help us to achieve our goal, which is to praise God and share His love with others. 

Where did "Dance on Fire" come from?

Long story, you ready?

I (Isabelle) have desired to reimagine modern western dance from a Christian perspective for a long time... deep in my bones I believe it is possible to marry the two together, to create something good, true and beautiful. I have been praying for a long time for this to come to fruition and finally the Holy Spirit is making it come alive. 

Whilst on retreat my husband offered to pray for a new name for the dance school. I liked Free to Dance but I wasn't sold, so I said sure, that'd be amazing! After trying for some time to think it up himself, and many pieces of paper later, no name stood out. He even scoured a bookcase looking for inspiration! The words "becoming fire" (the title of a book by an MGL priest, Fr Ken Barker) jumped out at him, but still the pieces didn't fall into place, so he stopped trying and surrendered it to God. However, the next day as he went to have breakfast, his eyes were drawn to a Word on Fire study bible (Bishop Robert Barron) on the other side of the room! Ping! Holy Spirit moment and there we have it... Dance on Fire. I love it! It encapsulates the vision of this school - to set our students and the wider community on fire with the Holy Spirit through dance! 

So long story short, the Holy Spirit said so - I love it and I hope you do too! 

What do you mean by "embrace the flame"?

The flame is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is calling each and every one of us to experience the love of God ourselves and then to share that with others. But that often requires a lot of courage, especially when it comes to dance! So if you are inspired by our vision, we're encouraging you to let go of your fears and follow God's call, arms wide open - to embrace the flame! 

Will you do exams, competitions, or other professional training?

At this stage we have only chosen to offer these classes, in this particular style of mixed dance. Depending on the need and growth of our vision and calling, we are open to considering any thoughts you may have.

Dance on Fire has been created with purpose and to fill a need in our community. It won't be what everyone is looking for, but if it is, we're hoping you will... embrace the flame!