Classes offered

Class style:

In class we will use techniques from a mix of dance styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary & hiphop/funk. This technical basis, along with physical conditioning, will provide Dance on Fire students with the ability to create beautiful artwork with their bodies.

At the heart of this dance school is the flame of the Holy Spirit; as such, classes will contain Christian content through conversation, music and prayer.

Toddler Dance

Ages 2-3yo

A fun 45-minute class full of movement and music for little children. We'll get moving and grooving, laughing and singing along to fantastic Christian artists. Parents are required to stay with their child/children and join in - a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with them!

Preschool Dance

 Ages 4-5yo

Children are welcome to come and have fun, whilst beginning to develop some core skills as part of their dance repertoire.

Junior Primary Dance

Prep - Grade 2

A class for young aspiring dancers to begin developing skills that will bring out the inner artist one day.

Senior Primary Dance

Grade 3-6

This class is for the maturing child, with a focus on technique and starting to create their own dance. In this class we hope to achieve and engage more, exploring in greater depth the possibilities of dance.

High School Dance

Year 7-12

This is where the head meets the heart and beautiful works of art can truly be created. A space to learn, grow and create masterpieces!

Adult Dance - EOI

Schools done, it's your turn to have fun!

No experience necessary

A fun, creative class, with plenty of technical training to build skills, fitness and create beautiful works of art!

We are open to a new initiative for adults - a class at 2pm Thursdays where you can bring your toddlers/babies along and they can play/chill whilst we work to dance amongst the gorgeous chaos ;)